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Pedestrian Malls Are So 20th Century
By Scott Doyon, PlaceShakers and NewsMakers
Published July 9, 2012
Property Rights Debates Not Over
By Jamie Page, The Tennessean
Published July 6, 2012
US's Largest Solar Factory Halted in Face of Dropping Prices
By Yale Environment 360
Published July 5, 2012
Arlington and Alexandria, VA Compromise on Streetcar Line
By Patricia Sullivan, The Washington Post
Published June 14, 2012
America's Most Innovative Neighborhood: 15 Square Miles in New Mexico, Population 0
A shiny new city rising in the desert is designed to be a testing ground for everything from wireless networks to self-driving cars. One catch: It's totally empty.
By Emily Badger, Fast Company
Published May 23, 2012
In America's "Most Bikeable" Cities, Bike Lanes Rule
By Bill Chappell, NPR
Published May 21, 2012
A Tollway in Dallas and the Absurdity of Building Duplicative Infrastructure
By Yonah Freemark, The Transport Politic
Published May 16, 2012
And the Winner for the Greenest Building Is... That Old Thing?
By Claire Thompson, Grist
Published May 21, 2012
Trees Linked to Less Crime, Research Finds
By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun
Published May 19, 2012
Is Driving Going Out of Style in Philly?
In the city of I-95, the Schuylkill Expressway and
Parking Wars, could a new generation actually make cars...obsolete?
By Christine Speer Lejeune, Philadelphia Magazine
Published May 2012
Why Did We Stop Walking and How Do We Start Again?
By Erin Chantry, Sustainable Cities Collective
Published May 14, 2012
The Uncertain Legacy of America's Pedestrian Malls
By Mark Byrnes, The Atlantic Cities
Published May 4, 2012
Penn Planning Students Study the Removal of Expressways in Six North American Cities
By Kellie Patrick Gates, PlanPhilly
Published May 2, 2012

The Death and Life of Detroit
By Barry Yeoman, The American Prospect
Published April 30, 2012
Preliminary Archaeology Work to Begin Next Month on Rare Piece of Original Delaware River Shoreline
By Kellie Patrick Gates, PlanPhilly
Published May 1, 2012
Infographic: Burbs Going Bust
By Megan Jett, Arch Daily
Published April 30, 2012
How the Golden State Became the Green Building Leader
By Matt Pearce, Sustainable Cities Collective
Published April 27, 2012

Citizens Want Sustainable Cities. Let the Market Provide
By Andy Boenau, This Big City
Published April 27, 2012
DOT to Unveil West Side Traffic Safety Recommendations
By Leslie Albrecht, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer
Published April 24, 2012

Amazing Brickwork Acts As Solar Screen On Indian Building
By Lloyd Alter, Design/Green Architecture
Published April 23, 2012 @treehugger

Is the Old Destined to Become the New Again?
The push to raze the Claiborne overpass.
By Christopher Tidmore, Contributing Writer
The Louisiana Weekly
Published April 23, 2012

Americans Do Not Walk the Walk, And That's A Growing Problem
By Bill Chappell, National Public Radio
Posted April 16, 2012
As LA Slowly Expands Transit, Looking at Programs to Get Commuters Out of Their Cars Today
By Jonathan Nettler, Planetizen
Published April 12, 2012

Washington's Circumferential Highway: Fighting Over the Capital Beltway
Ghosts of DC
Published March 8, 2012


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